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Evolution of Health was organized to fill a void and motivate citizens in low-income communities to see the value in living a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. By working with community organizations, municipalities, and community leaders, we are confident that we will successfully create wellness infrastructures within these communities and ultimately change the trajectory of their lives -where zip code is no longer a determinant of their life expectancy.

"Wellness Infrastructure" Defined

Wellness is synergistic. Physical activity leads to healthier eating; healthier eating leads to health consciousness; health consciousness leads to healthier behaviors, which are taught to others, and the cycle repeats. This, is a wellness infrastructure. As simple as this may seem, it is the norm in the middle to higher-income communities and largely non-existent in lower-income communities. The absence of this infrastructure is a major contributor to health inequities, and consequently, people who live below the poverty line face higher rates of obesity, diabetes, preventative conditions, and physical inactivity ( 

EoH creates momentum through annual community fitness events (fun runs/walks), where health providers and organizations are present to offer various screenings and either resources. From there, we work with municipalities and schools to address food insecurities by creating food banks or community gardens. To support local businesses, EoH hires local personal trainers and nutritionists to provide fitness and nutrition classes for the community. EoH is socioeconomically focused; therefore, we serve people of all ages and backgrounds and work to provide age- and culturally appropriate resources. 

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