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Who We Serve

We provide services to communities with limited access to life-changing resources by filling important voids.

Many of our clients have access to food-based social programs; but not a nutritionist. Or, they may live in an area where gyms and group fitness classes aren’t available because the socio-economic status of the population doesn’t give these companies the financial incentive to establish their businesses in these areas.

As a result, individuals and families are experiencing deteriorating health conditions and consequently, passing their habits to their kids – creating an ongoing cycle within populations.

We’ve determined that the population which will benefit from our services the most are:

  • Low income families and communities

  • Senior Population

  • Clinically obese and overweight persons

  • Those with or are at risk of preventative conditions (i.e. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.)

  • Communities with limited access to wellness based resources

African american little girl sitting on the roll mat practicing meditate yoga in the park
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